Winter has arrived in Oxford, and decidedly so. Outside the library the sun has just broken through the fog, and the world is brilliant.

Really winter’s been here for a while, evidenced by the fact that I can count the number of days that have topped freezing over the last month on one hand.  That said, this most recent snow fall is by far our most substantial, and beautiful. There is over 8 inches of snow on the ground, and not the gross, wet stuff, but light, fluffy, wonderful snow!

I have spent the last two days frolicking in it, and last night I took a walk out on the deserted college grounds and was awed by the silence and brightness that a blanket of snow brings to the world at night.

On Friday evening I attended a candlelight carol service on Firday night at Christ Church Cathedral: A humbling place to take in beautiful music.

Now that the snow has arrived, the cold is sweeping in behind it, and wind-chills are expected to drop into the teens, and possibly single digits, over the next few days.  My only concern is getting down to Wareham on Thursday—where I’ll be staying during the Holidays—especially in light of a second storm potentially moving in Wednesday evening.

Until then, time to enjoy the peace, outside and in…and maybe just a little bit of time to pine for the mountains and cross-country ski trails of the West—snow is not quite the same without them.