Whale watching yesterday gave me a greater appreciation for what the crew members of The Deadliest Catch go through. 

The day started out fairly calm, but by the time we got out to sea the number of barf bags used (which, by the way was about two or three fewer than it should have been) was testament to the way the weather had changed dramatically.

There was a time when our sister ship was disappearing from view in swells behind us, and gale force winds were whipping across the deck, that I forgot about seeing whales at all and was just hoping to return safely to harbor.  However, once I got my coveralls on and my sea legs beneath me I managed to enjoy the four minke whales and pod of dolphins which we were lucky enough to spot (unfortunately, I think those that were making use of barf bags, or should have been making use of them, were less appreciative).

The winds continued through the rest of the day and night, and I’m hoping they’ll calm down a little for the Golden Circle tour I am going on today. Although the way my room is shaking with the gusts does not bode well…